Similarities between Abrahamic Religions, Vedanta and Modern Science

A collection of similarities found between Abrahamic Religions, Vedanta and Modern Science.


Abrahamic Religions Vedanta Modern Science
In the beginning there was the Word. - Old Testament In the beginning there was the sound 'Om' – Vedas In the beginning was energy/vibration – Big Bang theory
God created the heaven (sky), water, then earth and all life. From the Unmanifest came Svayambhu (Self-manifest), from which came Hiranyagarbha( (golden egg) in primordial waters, which was sacrificed (split) to get all what is manifest – the heavens, earth and everything in between. - Rig Veda According to the Big Bang theory(, the Universe was once in an extremely hot and dense state which expanded rapidly, from which came space, gas, then solid matter
God created plants, animals, then humans – Old Testament God incarnated as a water animal (fish), amphibian(tortoise), half human (Narasimham) and then human forms – Vishnu Puranam Evolution happened from plants, to water animals, amphibians, land animals, then humans – Darwin's Theory of Evolution
God created Adam. From the core (rib) of Adam he made Eve. From the unmanifest Brahman came the manifest Purusha. From Purusha came Prakriti. From Energy came Matter.
Eve and Adam ate the forbidden apple and got the knowledge of good and evil, and hence got thrown out of Eden. Brahman came to know itself as the manifested, and the veil of ignorance, Maya prevails, blocking all from eternal bliss. Energy in vibration is perceived to be as matter, whereas it is energy itself. - Quantum Physics
According to a section of Christianity: The whole of creation is the bride and the primal person (Jesus) is the bridegroom, awaiting to reunite at the end of time. According to other semitic religions, heaven is the final abode where one lives close to God eternally. Prakriti will dissolve (Pralaya) into Purusha at the end of a Brahma kalp. After some time of inactivity, again all of creation will take place, and the cycle continues. The whole universe will vanish / shrink back into its initial singular state before the big bang, based on theories such as Big Rip or Big Crunch (


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